Warwick castle


Happy new year everyone!. Here is my first post of 2014!

Last weekend I went to Warwick castle. In a day that was cold, but sunny, I did one of the things I most like to do: visit a place, and return home with lots of pictures. This occasion was in this great castle, two hours from Cambridge. The towers are really tall, and the rooms are full of great colours and details. I climbed the biggest tower in the castle to capture this sunset. My sigma 17-70 is quite lens flare resistant, but not in this case. Still, I like how the picture ended after my processing efforts.

This place reminded me a bit to Leeds castle, although that one was a bit darker, a bit less children friendly, I think. Almost eerie. Maybe it was the weather, instead a grey day this time the light was much better. Also, the Christmas theme helped a bit. We stayed there until the closing hours. I think I was one of the last visitors that left the castle that day.


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  1. Morgan avatar

    A Beautiful Way to start the New Year 🙂

    1. casagan avatar

      I’m glad you like this post. Thanks for your comments!

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