Olympic Torch

I was fortunate to be quite close to the Olympic torch relay in 2012.

In fact, this was just outside my house in Cambridge!. I took lots of pictures of the event, but only this one grabbed my attention. The torch bearer seemed to look directly at me. The place was crammed of people and it was quite difficult to get a nice place for a better view. The fire looks weird when it is stopped in time, don’t you think?


4 responses to “Olympic Torch”

  1. Helen avatar

    Great shot – love the flame! You had a great angle to get a photo from. I didn’t get to see the torch as it left our city at about 6am!!

    1. casagan avatar

      Thanks for your comment Helen!

  2. Tina Schell avatar

    Wow, you really were close and he DOES seem to be looking only at you. Good job!

    1. casagan avatar

      Thanks Tina. This is where a telephoto (something like a 50-200mm) and burst shooting is helpful… 😉

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