These pictures are taken in Greenwich.


It’s close to London, just go to Canary Warf underground station and from there take the DLR. I really enjoyed that place. I spent the entire day shooting at things with my camera. GQH1 is in the Old Royal Naval College, next to the Queens House. I liked the symmetry of the building, clearly shown in picture G3. Canary Warf underground station, shown in picture G1, is awesome. The big opening on the ceiling with that concrete structure and arches grabs immediately your attention. At some point, that opening, with the financial district buildings in the background, and the mechanical stairs make something like a R shape. At least that’s what it seemed to me when I saw it. The Cutty Sark boat is amazing also, but I couldn’t visit it. Instead, I took some pictures using the glass wall that surrounds it, being G4 the picture I most liked. Also this panorama is the view from the Royal Observatory. So, if you haven’t visited Greenwich already, please do it… 😉


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