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I just don’t understand cats.

I had one for long years, even after discovering I was allergic to her. Ada was called, I suppose in Ada Lovelace‘s honour. It’s the kind of names a young Computer Science student finds cool at that time. It is weird how they behave. They are not too much different from bigger cats, like tigers, and lions. Also, it is surprising how still us, humans, expect to get some love from them, and they just go to their own interests. They can go quickly from cute animals, to full-blown killing machines. There is a weird love/hate relationship with them, I think. Much nicer are dogs, but these also seem to have a sometimes over simplistic view of life, I think, that sometimes gets confused with loyalty. They don’t look as sophisticated and smart as cats, but they will be with you their entire life, even if you don’t take proper care of them, as some people do. Of course, cats and dogs almost never mix well…


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