I first came to Oxford more than twenty years ago, in one of those English courses that promise you will learn everything about the culture and country in just one  summer month (usually July or August).

My parents intentions at that time were good, of course, and those summers spent in UK and Ireland were totally worth it. Who could tell me at that time that twenty years later I was going to move here, and spend a Sunday (yesterday, to be more precise) in this place with my own family. As I thought, I wasn’t able to recognize anything. Maybe some of the landmarks were familiar, but not much else. The weather was not too good, it rained all the day, not as that sunny summer I remember. I should have a look and see if I can find pictures from that time… 😉


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  1. out10about avatar

    That’d be great if you could do a ‘then’ and ‘now’ comparison with photos of the same spots you visited.

    1. casagan avatar

      Yeah, I need to look in my loft, Some of those must be there…

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