This peacock was a bit difficult to photograph.

I wanted a full frontal view, for later cropping in a square format. That was my initial idea. I ended with a lot of shots of the bird, and I found this to be the one I most liked. The issue I had was that I needed to crop a lot the picture, to get rid of the people who was around it. I think that affected a bit the sharpness of the feather patterns. The colours saturation is boosted on purpose, using a velvia LUT. I’m very fond of this picture. It was my first accepted submission in the Pentax Photo Gallery. I forgot to mention, this was taken in Leeds Castle, a place  I visited a few years ago. I will post more pictures taken there some day.


6 responses to “Peacock”

  1. syvels avatar

    This peacock was a bit difficult to photograph. – great job then! 🙂

    1. casagan avatar

      The guy didn’t stop moving, and only displayed his open feathers when he wanted, not when I told him to do it! 🙂

      1. syvels avatar

        hahaha I will hunt that one and see if it will work for me too.. lol

  2. simon0252 avatar

    Stunning photo, Omar.

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