Today I went to Dover. I spent all the day walking the white cliffs.

I took lots of pictures. Most of them of the views from the cliffs, some birds, and a World War 2 beach bunker. Almost at the end of my visit, a couple were walking much faster than me, uphill. I liked the curves on the ground, so I stopped a bit to take a breath and this picture. It didn’t look to have rained since ages. Everything was much drier than I expected. The usual pictures of this place, white walls with green pastures on top, were not seen today.


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  1. Mark Simms avatar

    Great composition ?

  2. […] picture from my visit to Dover. The views from the edge were amazing. Vertigo inducing. As you can see, the path gets quite close […]

  3. […] must be quite windy over the white cliffs of Dover. I liked the shape of this little bush. All the vegetation on top the cliffs is combed this way. […]

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