Solitary figures (3)

I saw this person sitting in the bench in a park close to my office.

I needed to get out for a moment and I wandered around with my camera. It was the first snow of that winter. Also, it was one of my first winters in Cambridge. I like the concrete patch under the bench.


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  1. statelylump avatar

    Reblogged this on Cambridge on Ice and commented:
    Love this solitary figure on Jesus Green. One bench up from where my wife and I always sit. Jesus Green is one of the Great Places on Earth. An outdoor swimming pool, a river, punting, views of two beautiful colleges, narrow-boats, ultimate Frisbee, a skate-park, tennis courts, BBQs and a whole lot more.
    And then there is the annual beer festival. Not long now!! Well, a couple of months but I can smell the ale, perries, beards and pork pies already.

    1. casagan avatar

      I also love this place. I will post more pictures soon. Thanks for your comment!

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