One point perspectives.

I have a bit of obsession with one point perspectives.

It’s a kind of vertigo like effect. This one was taken also in Norwich cathedral. The lights in this part of the cloister were turned on already, and I had a lot of trouble with that, because a bit on natural light was still visible from the outside. Just playing with white balance gave me a very weird purple colour in the ground. So more colour tweaks were needed. As I said, I like one point perspectives. That’s why I also like Stanley Kubrick! ūüôā


3 responses to “One point perspectives.”

  1. markshimazuphotography avatar

    Cool photo with great light. I like the clarity adjustment you did to give the photo a little bit of a grungy look.

    1. casagan avatar

      Thanks! Im glad you like it.

  2. […] and this row of trees makes some interesting compositions possible. The most¬†obvious may be this one point centre¬†perspective. I¬†will post more pictures of this place taken in other […]

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