London panorama

Taken from Greenwich Royal Observatory, all photos processed with Darktable and stitched together with Hugin, great open source projects for image processing.
I think It is important to use manual mode when taking pictures for a panorama. This way you can ensure a coherent exposure between all of them. Some stitching programs have auto exposure correction, but I don’t usually like the results. I’d rather concentrate in processing one of the photos, and apply the same processing to the remaining ones. And after that, pass all of them to the photo stitching program.


3 responses to “London panorama”

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  2. […] pictures using the glass wall that surrounds it, being G4 the picture I most liked. Also this panorama is the view from the Royal Observatory. So, if you haven’t visited Greenwich already, […]

  3. […] remember exactly where. I like those colourful lines. I need to do another one day trip to London, there are loads of things to see there.  Good […]

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